Laser Power Meters and Laser Measuring Devices

Delta Developments specialises in laser power and energy measurement for pulsed and CW lasers. We manufacture and supply instruments such as laser power meters, energy meters and other laser measuring devices which can measure the mean power, peak power, pulse shape and pulse energy. High accuracy and traceability to National Standards are key aspects of all our designs.

Our range of laser systems and measuring devices also includes boxcar detectors (gated integrators), fast amplifiers and drivers for semiconductor lasers (with in-built modulation).

Our system for measuring the peak power of a pulsed laser (peak power meter) is probably unique. It links the peak power from a laser diode to the well-established CW power standards by using an integrating sphere to attenuate the laser power and fast photo-diodes to follow the pulse shape.

In addition to supplying laser measurement devices, we maintain our own calibration facilities for laser power and energy meters with which we can calibrate suitable instruments from UK or overseas. Our laser calibration services are traceable to the precision standards held at the UK National Physical Laboratory ( NPL ). Typically, the absolute accuracy of our calibration of a laser power meter is 2% or better. We can also make measurements on the alignment of auto-collimators, transmission of safety goggles, the attenuation of coaxial attenuators and the gain of amplifiers..

Delta Developments has highly experienced staff and we do many special custom and bespoke laser system designs to suit the exact needs of our customers. We can also offer expert consultation into laser physics and optical systems across a broad range of sectors.

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