Delta Developments

Laser Beam Profile Monitor

The Laser Beam Profiling system has a receiving head with an array of detectors, each with its own amplifier. The signal from each detector/amplifier pair is corrected individually for the individual sensitivity and zero offset. This feature, called ‘equalisation’, gives the laser beam profiler unprecedented accuracy in measuring the beam quality.

The profiler can be used for single shot lasers or repetitively pulsed lasers or CW lasers. After each laser pulse the new profile is shown on the Display Screen until the next pulse, when it is updated automatically.

For most purposes Pyroelectric detectors are to be preferred. However, for some applications an array of Silicon diodes offers a higher sensitivity and allows a higher repetition rate. The pyroelectric detectors need a chopper for CW lasers.

The Equalisation Scheme guarantees elements matched in sensitivity to better than 0.9% RMS. Point by point subtraction of zeroes gives a dynamic range of typically 25,000:1 whilst allowing a high repetition rate. In addition to the working profile, extra profiles can be stored within the Unit.

Because the system is built up from plug-in Modules, extra features can be added either at the time of ordering or retrospectively. Examples are: an IEEE or RS232 interface for computerised data collection or a Profile Averaging Module to allow point-by-point averaging over 2 or 4 or 8 ...128 laser pulses.

Laser Beam Profile Monitor Mk4A