Delta Developments

Spectrometer for Pulsed and CW Lasers

The CO2 Laser Spectrometer uses an array of PVF2 Pyroelectric detectors in the focal plane of a grating spectrometer. The detectors are located by computer ray tracing in the precise positions of the various lines in the P and R branches of the CO2 spectrum. Following one shot of the laser, the detectors are accessed sequentially to give a bar chart display in the spectrum. The NEP of 50nJ or 30W is very low compared to phosphor screen instruments.

With a special type of pyroelectric plastic a speed of response of about 100ns can be achieved so that the time dependence of each of the spectral lines can be output to a multichannel analyser system.

Different arrays can be used such as linear pyroelectric or linear Silicon thus giving a conventional spectrometer or spectrograph readout.

CO2 Laser Spectrometer